At RIKKA, we're passionate about making environmentally conscious choices when it comes to our materials and packaging. We believe in doing our part to protect the planet for future generations, while also providing you with the best possible products.

We understand the importance of having a phone case that offers maximum protection and longevity, which is why we've carefully selected TPU as our material of choice. We've tried and tested eco-friendly materials in the past, but unfortunately, they haven't met our high standards for durability and quality.

TPU is a unique material that bridges the gap between rubbers and plastics. It's incredibly durable, yet flexible and smooth to the touch. TPU can be recycled up to six times. It's also highly resistant to wear, abrasion, oil, chemicals, and temperature changes - all factors that make it the perfect choice for phone cases. Our products are much lighter and longer lasting than most other cases, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and transportation pollution, resulting in lower emissions.

We're committed to offering sustainable products that meet our high standards for quality and durability. Our eco-friendly packaging includes biodegradable satchels and reusable satin bags.

At RIKKA we're committed to offering high-quality, sustainable products, and we're always searching for even better options.

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